Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple were my introduction to classic films as a kid. Either “Swing Time” (1936) or a Shirley Temple film was the very first classic film I saw.

Mae West, Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers are 3 of my favorite actresses and were talented hardworking women who loved what they did.

I’m Rachel. My blog is about the art direction of classic films, with feature stories about cast and crew, and culture of films’ eras.

My passion for classic films started when I was 9 years old. Ginger Rogers with Fred Astaire, and Shirley Temple were the first classics I saw and how my favorite era became the 1930s.

I have a B.A. in filmmaking and creative writing, where I obtained a strong interest in art direction and developed in writing and storytelling.

Three of my favorite actresses are Mae West, Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers. While I love their films, the dedications to their craft and courage from stories of their career and life inspire me.

When I’m not around classic films, I’m with my drawing board, graphite and watercolor pencils, pastels and gouache. I write short stories and sometimes poetry. My work is inspired by films and elements of eras past. I enjoy creating as often as I can to grow in my crafts, and experiencing the joys that art delivers.

Thank you for visiting Vintage Stardust. I hope you feel inspired and excited about classic films, or at least find something enjoyable to read.