Welcome to Vintage Stardust!


I’m Rachel, artist and writer. My passion for classic films started during elementary school. Shirley Temple and Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire films were the first classics I saw and they are still three of my favorites! Being introduced to styles of that era and learning the history of the Great Depression fascinated me so much as a nine year old kid, which is probably why the 1930s is my favorite decade. Classic films and the style of the 20s-60s has since become part of who I am and influences all of the art I create with writing (fiction and poetry), pastels, charcoal, watercolor pencils and gouache.

I have a BA in film and creative writing, with strong interest in art direction (makeup especially) so there will be posts on makeup, costume and set design. Also you’ll find stories about actors/actresses who I find interesting and maybe you will too. The second part of this blog is to offer suggestions on how to channel elements from the eras or specific films and bring the vintage lifestyle into your own life if you’d like.

To me, classic films not only show the journey of films but also how powerful it is. Experiencing old films makes me believe in something marvelous, maybe you feel the same. I hope you will find Vintage Stardust inspiring in your journey of experiencing classic films…or at least enjoyable to read!